Eggshell Seed Starting Pods

Happy Earth Day! There is nothing more exciting than to see the earth start to bloom in the spring so why not bring the excitement indoors and sprout some seeds on your windowsill.   It is a great reminder that the earth is alive.  In honor of Earth Day I hope this post will encourage you to plant something no matter where you live or the size of your garden.  Whether you live in an apartment or have a big garden in the back, digging in the dirt reconnects us to nature.  Like a walk along the beach, digging in the soil grounds our energy back into the earth and feels so refreshing. Here is a simple and practical way to start a few plants indoors to either replant in your patio boxes or into the garden once they develop into fuller plants.  

I've heard of using eggshells to start seeds so I tested it out and it actually works.  It is definitely not a system I would use to plant a huge garden but it is fun to mix it up and plant a few herbs.  It is also great to reuse all the eggshells I'm starting to get now that my hens are laying again.   Here's how to do it:


  • Eggshells
  • Dampened seed starting mix or potting soil
  • Your favorite seeds.  I find that smaller plants like herbs or flowers do best in eggshells because the shells are a bit small.
  • Egg carton

Step by Step Instructions

After your seedlings get a healthy start, you can plant them right into a patio planter or directly in the garden.  Just give the shell a few squeezes to break it up a little then plant the entire pod into the ground.  It will compost in place and add nutrients to the soil.  Happy Earth Day, friends.